1. Who are Sky Cover and who is the insurance company?

    Sky Cover is a trading name of Towergate Insurance, one of the largest insurance intermediaries in the UK. The insurance is provided by Arch Insurance (UK) Limited.

  2. Do the Europe or Worldwide Single or Annual policies cover me for travel insurance?

    These policies are not travel insurance, nor are they intended to replace normal travel insurance. Most travel insurance policies exclude sky diving/parachuting and these policies fill that gap.

  3. When are these policies operative?

    The cover starts at the point that you board the plane with your parachute for your solo or tandem jump and stops at the point after you have reached the ground. It does not cover you for flying abroad from the UK or the return journey as this part is meant to be covered by normal travel insurance.

  4. Do the policies cover solo or tandem jumps?

    The policies cover you for both solo and tandem jumps.

  5. I have bought a Europe Wide Annual Policy, can I upgrade it during the year to a Worldwide Policy?

    None of the policies can be upgraded, changed or cancelled mid term. The only way is to buy the Worldwide Policy when you need it to start from.

  6. I am going abroad for 3 weeks but only require the sky diving cover for a part of that, can I still buy this policy?

    Yes, make sure that the start date of the short trip policy or annual policy starts on the date that you are actually going to do your sky dives, the policy period will run from that date.

  7. I’m flying abroad to take part in training to be a sky diver. Will this policy cover my sky dives during training?


  8. Will I get a renewal notice for my annual policy in a year’s time?

    The policies are non-renewable. Just go onto the website when you next require the cover to buy another annual policy.

  9. How do the Single Trip Europe and Worldwide policies work; will they cover just one jump or a number of jumps?

    You can take the single trip policies for a period of up to 2 weeks and jump as many times as you like during this time. Again, these only cover the actual sky diving/parachuting aspect of your trip, not the normal travel insurance.

  10. Are there any limits on trip duration or numbers of jumps on the Annual Multi Jump policies?

    There are no limits on trip duration or numbers of jumps on our Annual policies.

  11. Do you cover non UK residents?

    Sky Cover only provides insurance for persons resident in the United Kingdom (it does not cover residents of the Channel Islands or Isle of Man). If you reside outside of the United Kingdom, you should not purchase these policies as you will not be able to make a claim.

  12. Do you offer cover for use of vertical wind tunnels?

    Yes, our single jump/trip and multi jump policies cover the use of vertical wind tunnels.

  13. What age of skydiver can buy sky cover insurance?

    For either multi jump or single jump policies we can insure anyone from 18 years old up to 75 years old on the day of their jump.

  14. When will my documents be issued?

    If you buy online your documents will be issued straight away and sent to you by email (please make certain you enter the correct email address).

  15. I have received an email with my documents but they appear to be blank?

    If you try opening the documents on a mobile device, they sometimes do not work properly. They should work fine if you open them on a PC or Mac.

  16. What happens if my jump is postponed due to circumstances beyond my control?

    Simply complete our jump change form to provide us with the details of the revised jump date/location. Please call us on 0344 892 1515 during office hours (09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday) if you have any issues with the jump change form. We will not issue a new schedule of insurance as your original will still be valid. You can change the jump date as many times as needed for up to a year from the original jump date.

  17. Will I be covered if I leave incorrect card details or my payment rejects?

    If you are purchasing cover on the website our secure credit card system will tell you if your payment hasn't been accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment has been accepted and that you have received your correct policy documents.

  18. I have bought cover online but not received my documents yet?

    The system will email the documents immediately to the email address you provided. If you do not receive your documents within the hour, check to make sure that your inbox isn’t full. If still no documents you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Please give us a call on 0344 892 1515 (during office hours of 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday), quoting your policy reference number and we will arrange to email a document over to you.

  19. How do I make a claim under these policies?

    Please check your policy wording for contact details. All claims are dealt with by the insurers or their representatives.

  20. How do I cancel the contract?

    You have the right to cancel the policy during a period of 14 days either from the day of purchase of the contract or the day on which the policy documentation was received, whichever is the later. A full explanation of the cancellation rights can be found in the policy documentation.

  21. I am a member of the armed forces and need to do some sky dives, will this be covered?

    If you are doing the sky dives as a civilian and paying for them yourself, you can use our insurance. If the Armed Forces are paying for this and you are doing the jumps as part of your military service, we cannot provide insurance for you

  22. Who to contact in the event of a complaint?

    In the event of a complaint about the product or a claim, please direct these to Arch Insurance (details on your policy document)

    In the event of a complaint about the website, please contact Skycover

Any Questions?

Call us on 0344 892 1515 during office hours (9:00am to 5:00pm) or download the full policy wording from policy documents or email skycover@towergate.co.uk.

Jump postponed?

Please simply complete our jump change form, you can call us on 0344 892 1515 or email skycover@towergate.co.uk.

Jumping abroad?

We can also offer travel insurance for skydivers that includes repatriation. Call us on 0344 892 1515 for a quote.

Single Jump or Single Trip Policies

Jumping on a single day?

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Jumping Abroad?

Single Trip



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Single Trip up to 2 weeks

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Single Trip up to 2 weeks

(Single or multi jump - worldwide inxcluding USA)


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Annual Multi Jump Policies

Jumping Abroad?

Annual Multi Jump



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Annual Multi Jump

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Annual Multi Jump

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